Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How I Made a Fully-Functional Arduino Weather Station


Overall process for arduino weather station

The goal of this project was to deliver real-time weather data to the browser at home.
The key questions and caveats involved in a project like this:

  • How can I create a weather station that it is neither valuable nor attractive to a thief?
  • How can I keep hardware costs and development time to the minimum?
  • How can I measure and access weather data in real time and display it in a useful way?
  • Required measurements: wind and wind gusts, wind direction, rain, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity
  • Connect station to Internet
  • Store and retrieve local weather data
  • Communicate between weather station and server
  • How can I reduce maintenance to (almost) zero?
  • Manage hanging of software
  • Manage loss of connectivity
  • Manage loss of energy supply

For detailed information about this project follow the link.
How I Made a Fully-Functional Arduino Weather Station