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Saturday, April 01, 2023

QRSocial Application for Android

 Share your Social Media Network Profiles with QR Code

Do you want to share your Social Media Network Profiles from one place? Generate a QR Code with your profile link for each Social Media Network and share it with your friends. Your friends can scan the generated QR Code with their phone camera and connect with you fast and easy.

It is very easy, just follow these steps:
1. Choose the Social Media Network!
2. Fill in your profile link, username, channel link or phone number!
3. Tap Save to generate the QR Code!
4. Share it with your friends!

Your profile link and the generated QR Code will be there when you open again the application.

  • Fast and easy!
  • Secure - your profile links are saved on your device!
  • User friendly - instructions provided in the app!
  • Useful - All your Social Media Network profile links in one place!

The QRSocial Application for Android is FREE!

Get it on Google Play.