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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

QR Business Card Application for Android

Share your Contact Details with QR Code

Forget about paper business cards. Generate a QRCode with your contact details and share it with your clients or business associates fast and easy. Clients or business associates can scan the generated QRCode with your details, with their camera and add your contact to their device. If the device doesn't support QR Code scan from the camera they can use Google Lens or any other QR Code Scanner application.

It is very easy, just follow these steps:
1. Complete your personal details.
2. Tap Save icon.
3. Let others scan the QR Code.

Your details and generated QRCode will be there when you open again the application. If you change your details, you must tap the Save icon again.

There are two available profiles to choose between. You can use one profile to complete your information details in English and the second profile in your local language. By tapping Delete profile icon the current profile is deleted. The app remembers the profile that you used last time.

Also, if you choose Share QR Code image from the main menu, you can share the image of QR Code with any supported application from the android system of your device. For example, you can send it by email, Viber or Messenger message and others.

-Fast and easy.
-Secure - Your data is saved on your device.
-User friendly.
-Useful - No more paper business cards.

The QR Business Card application for Android is FREE!

Get it on Google Play.

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